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Membership Card Printing

Whether you are a club, an association or a subscription service, a membership card is an essential part of your offering. They can perform a range of roles and make your customers feel part of something. And in the right hands, a membership card pack can also be a powerful addition to your brand.

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What types of membership cards are there?

Printed membership cards can perform all sorts of roles, depending on the product or service that is being offered, including:

Membership cards – high quality membership cards give your members something tangible to show off that also helps give them a sense of belonging. The cards themselves can be tailored to your particular needs, with magnetic stripes, barcodes, QR codes, or simply with individual membership numbers.

Luxury membership packs – we can also help create exclusive membership packs to accompany your membership cards. They can be as simple or as luxurious as your brand demands, from simple paper wallets to packs that contain bound directories and leather card wallets in bespoke presentation boxes.

Loyalty cards – you’ll find a range of loyalty or reward cards in most wallets and purses these days and there’s a good reason for that, customer retention is of paramount importance. Loyalty cards are designed to ensure customers think of your company before any others when the time comes to purchase. Our experienced team can help you create exclusive loyalty cards to assist with brand loyalty and provide you with valuable data and marketing opportunities.

Gift cards – gift cards not only allow customers to give their friends and family a physical gift, they are also great for building brand awareness. We can design and produce the packaging for your gift cards too, be that a hanger for point of sale display, or a bespoke wallet to give the recipient an unforgettable gifting experience.

Key fob cards – key fob cards have grown in popularity in the last few years because they’re a great vehicle for loyalty and reward schemes. And being attached to an important set of keys, they’re an omnipresent reminder of your brand or company. Our expert team can design and produce a wide range of mini cards for all sorts of uses, carrying your brand and the level of functionality you need.


What can they be made from?

The vast majority of membership cards are made from high quality plastic, which comes in a range of thicknesses. We always ensure the highest quality finish, in a range of specialised inks. Our experienced team also has expertise in creating membership packs and, in particular, luxury membership packs that leave members feeling extremely valued.

Why choose Print Strategy Europe to supply your membership cards and packs?

With over 23 years’ experience, we can offer you a wealth of expertise, especially when it comes to luxury brands. We can take care of every aspect of your loyalty or membership card printing, from initial design concepts, to production and fulfilment. What’s more, our award-winning customer service team will be on hand every step of the way.

So, if you ready to make your members feel wanted and help your customers stay loyal, contact the team today.

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