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Luxury Brochure Printing

Luxury brochure printing does not just involve using high quality materials, printing techniques and finishes, it also demands impeccable attention to detail. At Print Strategy Europe, we have over 23 years’ experience in creating high quality brochures for a range of companies in a huge variety of market sectors.

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What sets luxury brochure printing apart?

It’s all about the detail, whether that is thinking about the paper stock, finding exactly the right ink, or adding luxury print finishes to raise the bar even further. We understand that when it comes to luxury brands and products, it pays to take extra special care over the key elements, including:

Design and layout – never lose sight of what your brochure is actually for, as this will drive the design. You might want to make a stylish statement with your layout, or keep it understated. Whatever you decide, however, it should fit sit well with your brand, because that is what it is all about after all.

Photography – images are an incredibly important part of a luxury brochure. Nothing says luxury like glossy, extravagant images, so good photography is something worth investing in.

Paper stock – choosing the right quality of the paper could well be the most important element of luxury brochure printing. Luxury products or services deserve high quality stock, whether that is the luxurious feel of silk coated paper, or the chic texture of uncoated stock. If you choose the wrong quality stock, it could well negate everything else.

Print finishes – premium print finishes are great way to add luxury to your brochure. Embossing or debossing, by which a graphic is raised (embossed) or imprinted (debossed), is ideal to give a brochure added luxury. It delivers an instant element quality that will help your brochure really stand out. The use of foil is also a great way to add instant extravagance with a range of matt, silk and high gloss metallic or coloured finishes. Spot UV varnish is perhaps one of the most stylish finishes available and there’s a wide variety of varnishes to choose from, giving different effects. Gloss is great to deepen the colours of images, matt gives a beautifully smooth finish and silk varnish deliver a luxuriously soft, tactile sheen.


Why choose Print Strategy Europe for your luxury brochure printing?

We have been helping luxury brands create stunning printed brochures for over 20 years. Our expert team has a profound understanding of what it takes to deliver high quality brochures that do justice to their premium brands. Our award-winning customer service team, meanwhile, is always on hand to make sure everything happens smoothly and on time.

If your company is in need of a luxury brochure that makes all the right impressions, then contact our expert print team today.

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