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High quality catalogues are the perfect vehicle for showcasing a wide range of products or services in one place. Integrated into a company’s marketing strategy, the catalogue can be used to bolster all other aspects of marketing activity, from increasing digital traffic to driving store footfall.

Catalogues have a long and illustrious history, first appearing in America in the 1700s in the form of seed catalogues delivered to peoples’ houses. It was a man called Montgomery Ward though who really launched the era of the modern catalogue with his revolutionary one page piece. Inspired by that one page, a man called Sears soon launched his own, longer catalogue, the renowned Sears Catalogue which still exists today. Together, they changed the way that shopping is done all over the world.

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Here at Print Strategy we have over 23 years’ experience in creating high quality catalogues for our customers in a wide variety of market sectors, from food and drink, to art catalogue printing. Whatever your business, there are many advantages to using catalogues in your marketing, including:

Longevity – while web pages come and go at the click of a mouse, a catalogue tends to hang around and even be passed around to multiple users. In offices, a catalogue is often used to signify an approved supplier from whom everyone should order. In homes, catalogues can remain in kitchens and coffee tables for months, for different family members to read.

Targeting – like all the best direct marketing, catalogues can be targeted at particular customers and delivered direct to them. Digital printing means shorter print runs are now affordable, so more tightly targeted catalogues are possible.

Brand building – with multiple pages and acres of space, a catalogue is the perfect medium to do some brand building, through its layout, design, style and tone of voice.

A source of information – many catalogues have made themselves indispensable sources of information for their customers, with anything from tips and advice to full blown articles tailored to their customers’ interests.

Not digital – with more and more marketing taking place via digital channels, there’s plenty of space and demand for a printed catalogue. In the digital age, the physical presence of a catalogue feels more personal than anything digital and makes customers feel more valued.

Why choose Print Strategy as your luxury catalogue printer?

We can offer you over 22 years’ experience and expertise, particularly in producing high quality catalogue printing UK. We know how to make this medium work for luxury brands and know how to use the latest print technologies and finishes to make catalogues perform even better. What’s more, our award-winning customer service team will be on hand every step of the way to make sure everything happens on time and on budget.

If you need a high quality luxury catalogue that performs, contact the team today.

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