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Catalogue Printing

Catalogues are the perfect vehicle for selling a wide range of products or services all in one place, whether you have a handful of specialised products or a lorry load. Catalogues can easily be integrated into a company’s marketing strategy and they can be used to bolster all other aspects of on and offline marketing activity – from increasing digital traffic to driving store footfall. Print Strategy has over 20 years’ experience in catalogue printing and we can help you create a catalogue that sells.

The catalogue as a sales tool has a long and extremely successful history. They were first used way back in the 1700s in America as seed catalogues that were delivered to peoples’ houses. Perhaps the most famous catalogue of them all, however, is the Sears catalogue which appeared in the 1880s and is still a potent sales tool for Sears to this day.

From retail to trade sales, food and drink to building supplies, whatever your business, there are many advantages to using catalogues in your marketing, including:


Ease of use – catalogues are accessible to everyone, whether they’re digital savvy or not. They allow your customers to browse your range at their leisure, come and go as they please and share their discoveries.

Longevity – while web pages come and go at the click of a mouse, a catalogue tends to stick around in both office and home environments.

Sharing information – many companies make their catalogues indispensable sources of information for their customers, with anything from tips and advice to full blown articles targeted specifically at their customers’ interests.

Brand building –  with as many pages as you require, you’ll have all the space you need to do some meaningful brand building. This can be achieved through layout and design, content, style and tone of voice.

Targeting – catalogues can be targeted easily at particular customers and delivered direct to them, be that retail or business-to-business. Digital printing means shorter print runs are now affordable to just about every business, so ever more tightly targeted catalogues are now a possibility.

Works perfectly with digital marketing – the catalogue is the ideal vector to send customers to your website, whether that is to find more information, to redeem a voucher, make a purchase or interact with your social media and customer services. In short, the catalogue can be the centrepiece of your marketing strategy, allowing access to all other channels.


Why choose Print Strategy to be your catalogue printer? With over 23 years’ experience and expertise, you can rest assured that we know how to make this medium work for your business and how to make catalogues work harder. What’s more, you’ll be supported by our award-winning customer service team every step of the way, who will ensure that everything happens on time and on budget.

So, if you need a catalogue that works harder, contact the team today.

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