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Luxury Printing

Luxury printing involves the use of high quality materials, printing techniques and finishes, as well as impeccable attention to detail. At Print Strategy, we have been supplying our customers with luxury printing services for over 23 years and have built up invaluable experience and expertise as a luxury brand print supplier.

What sets luxury printing apart?

It’s all about the detail, whether that is thinking about the paper stock to be used, testing a range of premium inks to find exactly the right one, or adding luxury print finishes to raise the bar even further. Luxury printing should not just look the part, it should feel the part too, so texture is incredibly important too, from tactile rugged surfaces, to super smooth glossy varnishes.

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At Print Strategy Europe, we can create a wide range of luxury print materials to suit your luxury product or service, including:

Brochures – many luxury products and services benefit hugely from having an equally luxurious brochure to help sell it. Image filled or copy heavy, our experienced team can help and advise on all aspects of luxury brochure printing.

Catalogues – a huge number of companies still find catalogues indispensable and that includes companies at the luxury end of the market. Why? Because catalogues offer something to hold and look at and a great many people respond better to something tangible, rather than a digital marketing alone. In the premium sector especially, high quality luxury catalogue printing is highly effective in underlining the premium nature of the product.

Packaging – from paper bags to intricate presentation boxes and more, we can help ensure your luxury product is presented in the right way. Our expertise covers membership packs, gift vouchers, retail packaging and more.

Direct mail – direct mail works just as well for luxury brands as it does for everyone else, but of course, it must look and feel the part. That’s where our expertise is invaluable and our experienced team can help guide you to the ideal direct mail pack for your luxury product.

Luxury book printing – nothing says luxury quite like a beautifully produced book. Whatever it is you’d like to say, we can help you create your own story from initial concepts, through photography and writing, to printing and distribution.


Premium print finishes are great way to add real luxury to your printing. For example:

Embossing and debossing – is guaranteed to give a marketing piece some added luxury, so it’s perfect for luxury brands in particular. Embossing and debossing need not be limited to simple graphics, we can create multifaceted, multi-level effects to help you really stand out.

Foiling – the use of foil is a great way to add some eye-catching extravagance. Metallic finishes are perhaps the best known, but the range of colours and finishes we can use is almost limitless. With skilful use, foil will highlight certain areas of your printed piece for maximum luxurious effect.

Spot UV varnish – the use of spot UV varnishes is one of the most stylish finishes available, creating visual contrasts that are also extremely tactile.

Why choose Print Strategy Europe for your luxury printing?

We have been helping luxury brands create stunning printed material with beautiful finishes for over 23 years. We have a deep understanding of quality printing and luxury brand marketing, particularly luxury brands, which means our customers benefit from our expertise and experience and avoid all of the learning pains.

If your company is in need of luxury printing that says all the right things about your brand, then contact our luxury print team today.

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