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Luxury Book Printing

A luxury book is something to linger over, something that draws your customers in and immerses them in the look and feel of your brand. For luxury brands, it could be one of the most important brand ambassadors, so it’s extremely important to get it right – from the paper and print finishes, to contents and photography.

Luxury book printing is very often a labour of love for everyone involved and attention to detail is the key to success, with a few key details that can set it apart, including:

Feel – luxury books must be tactile. Perhaps the most important consideration of all is the cover because, like it or not people really do judge books by their covers. We can help you achieve great texture through various print finishes. Tactility can also be achieved through the choice of paper used once inside the book, from coated silky finishes to textured recycled paper.

Look – design is incredibly important in a luxury book. That includes the layout, where less-is-more is often the best philosophy. Leaving lots of white space to allow the content to shine is one way to give your book the luxury look.

Photography – for a luxury brand, superb photography is a must. It’s always worth investing in the very best imagery to help your luxury brand stand out. And when it comes to printing, we can help you choose the right varnishes to really make colours shine and to highlight certain images.

There are many advantages for a brand to publish a luxury book. After all, there are very few marketing tools that can get into peoples’ homes quite like a luxury book. What’s more, they tend to stay there too, being picked up and looked at, passed around to other friends and family members.

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Luxury books also come in many different shapes, sizes and formats, from catalogue or brochure style prints, to weightier coffee table publications. So, you’ll be sure to find the perfect style to suit your requirements, be that to launch a new season or range, or to tell your brand story. When integrated into a marketing strategy, luxury books, brochures and catalogues are not merely a cost to the company, they are an essential driver of business.

Furthermore, with runs sizes now much smaller, businesses can be extremely selective about who they target with their luxury publication. So only those who are very likely to purchase or who have bought before will receive one.

What types of business of would benefit from publishing a luxury book? Any luxury brand could benefit, but there are some sectors in particular where a luxury book, catalogue of brochure would be extremely useful to brand image and reputation. These include luxury holiday companies, high quality furniture and homeware brands, luxury food businesses, jewellery brands, premium car marques and anyone in the luxury lifestyle sector.

At Print Strategy, we have the experience and expertise to help you create the perfect luxury book for your brand. For example, we ensure our premium publications are produced on presses with high dot per inch content which gives us more control over colour. These are often flat bad presses, which run more slowly but produce a better quality.  We regularly travel to achieve the finest printing results for our customers, often to Milan. Finally, press passing is vital to ensuring all colours are reproduced exactly as they should be, so we personally sign off all top quality finishes for our customers.

If you’re ready to support your luxury brand with a superb quality, luxury publication, then contact the team today.

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