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Leaflet Printing

What exactly is a leaflet?

When it comes to pamphlets, brochures, flyers and leaflets, there’s often some confusion as to the differences. A leaflet is defined as a small booklet or pamphlet containing information about a single subject. It’s usually used for non-commercial purposes and most commonly for publishing information on a particular topic. In terms of format, a leaflet can be folded into two or more sections but it is not bound.

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These, of course, are technical definitions and a leaflet in practice can be anything you want it to be. And no matter the message, there are some clear advantages to using leaflets in this digital age:

Leaflets are cost effective – unlike many other forms of communication, leaflets are quick, easy and cost effective to produce. Not only is the cost of production relatively cheap, the cost of distribution is too.

Leaflets are convenient – unlike something larger and bulkier, a leaflet can be easily handed out or posted through letterboxes. From your recipient’s point of view too, leaflets are a convenient size to read, keep and share with others.

Leaflets can carry a lot of information – whatever it is your need to communicate, a leaflet can help you do it. Whether it’s just a few important points, or a huge amount of in-depth information, you can adapt the size and format of your leaflet accordingly.

Leaflets can be targeted – leaflets can be distributed in a range of different ways, allowing you to target specific recipients. That can be via mailing lists, door drops or simply by giving them out by hand in a specific location.

Leaflets offer creative options – size, shape, imagery, headlines, print finishes… the options are almost endless and our experienced team is on hand to guide you to the perfect solution.

Leaflets can be memorable – in an age of shrinking attention, a physical piece of printed media grabs your customers’ attention and holds it in a way that digital media struggles. While emails and websites can be dismissed at the click of a mouse, a printed leaflet is far harder to forget.

Why choose Print Strategy for your leaflet printing?

For over 23 years we have been a forefront of print technology, which means our experienced team have a huge array of creative ideas we can bring to your leaflet printing. From eye-catching formats, to stunning print finishes, the options to grab your customers’ attention are almost endless.

If you have information you need to communicate, then a leaflet could well be the way to do it – contact the team today for ideas, samples and prices.

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