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Marketing Campaign Ideas

Client Brief

For many companies, marketing campaigns are the main method by which they communicate with their target market. In order to be successful, good marketing campaigns should be well defined and planned from the outset, with clear, defined goals. At Print Strategy, we’ve been helping our customers with their marketing campaign ideas for over 20 years.

Developing a marketing campaign strategy is a step-by-step process including the following – choosing your target market; deciding what you would like to accomplish and setting goals; picking an offer to incentivise your target market to respond; determining which channel or media would be best.

Only then can you begin the creative process of brainstorming ideas and concepts, designing your marketing campaign material and having it produced. Which is where we can help, with our expertise and experience we can guide you every step of the way to creating and executing an innovative marketing campaign.


What types of marketing campaigns can we help with?

From traditional print to the latest in digital developments in print marketing, we are here to help.

Direct Mail – innovative mail packs are a great vehicle for targeting your target market precisely and cost effectively. Whatever your budget, we can create something with real wow factor that gets results. We regularly push the boundaries of what’s possible in print for our customers, using words, images and designs for maximum creativity and an array of eye catching finishes.

Inserts – with the rise of online shopping and the associated deliveries, inserts have become an increasingly effective tool for businesses. We know exactly how to make them work for you, with stand-out foiling for example, or personalised messages and discount codes to drive online traffic.

Vouchers – with our guidance, you can use vouchers to elevate the performance of your marketing campaign to new heights, whatever your market sector.

Leaflets and flyers – with new technologies and print techniques to call on, we can create a wide range of innovative leaflets and flyers in shapes and finishes that really catch the eye. They’re perfect for creative, effective marketing campaigns, whatever the budget.

Catalogues – used alone or as part of an integrated campaign, you can use catalogues to grow business and to showcase your products and services in one place. With our knowledge of new print techniques and technologies, catalogues continue to evolve as key components any campaign.


With over 23 years’ experience we have a wealth of expertise, particularly when it comes to developing creative marketing campaigns for our customers. What’s more, our award-winning customer services team is renowned for its marketing campaign support, so you’ll be in good hands.

Whatever your marketing goals and aspirations, we can help you create the marketing campaign to get there – contact the team today.

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