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Brintons / Pom box

Client Brief

Brintons, wanted to improve the way in which they they presented their carpets to their customers – and so they came to us us with a small request to update their Pom Boxes. And before you ask, a pom box is a removable sample of carpet used to help customers select a carpet.
Our brief was to make sure that we stuck to new company guidelines so that the quality and longevity with Brintons was maintained.


The new pom box we designed completely revolutionised the way the company showed its products to customers, allowing the account managers to easily take the entire range with them wherever they went.
The finished product was a luxurious, branded material box with either 36 or 72 samples, complete with a colour guide. All of this was hand fullfilled for Brintons and delivered ready for use. We’ll never look at carpet the same way again.

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