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Radley / Insert swap

Client Brief

Luxury handbag accessories brand, Radley, wanted to boost sales with a luxury insert.
The objective
We chose high quality paper stock and a special copper foil. This created a great contrast between the offset paper and the foil. There was a unique code on each insert that could be redeemed online. The challenge was the turnaround as delivery had to be made within five days. There were 50,000 printed inserts.
Paper material: Uncoated
High quality Foil: Copper Curz 396 Lux


In order to source a specialised pantone for the copper foil, we needed to obtain additional tooling. We always retain tooling (unique for every customer) after every contract so as to reduce costs and lead on future orders. We make sure our customers are kept up to date with the shipping to ensure that the unique promotional codes can be activated in time with the delivery.


This was seen as a highly successful campaign and our customer are looking to repeat this campaign in the future. The customer had a very positive response on the print style and quality.

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