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Neptune / High quality POS

Client Brief

Neptune POS
Neptune is operating within the high quality interior sector and wanted to create different sizes of POS signage for their store. This needed to go in line with Neptune’s branding and be high quality paper to truly reflect their brand image.
Paper material for the tags: Colour plan fine linen
Paper material for the bigger sheets: Cairn straw white







We used modern high quality digital printers that print to a very high standard and can print on thicker more expensive paper stocks.  In order to meet the delivery we used five different manufacturers and coordinated then into one delivery per store through the UK and Europe.


We received a great level of service from PSE, this was a very demanding brief with a tight timescale and PSE delivered.  Their knowledge and professionalism is first class and we look forward to work with them on many more POS campaigns

Neptune Marketing Planning Manager


We handled the fulfilment and shipped it directly to stores in UK, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, France, Austria, Czech Republic (62 deliveries globally in total).
The challenge was the turnaround time as Neptune had a press release day for the re-launch of their store in Edgbaston (Birmingham). Ordinarily a 14 day lead time would be required for a print job like this, but our customer needed it printed and delivered within five days. We actually achieved this in four days, delivered one day early.
The end product was beautiful and perfectly complimented Neptune’s stunning furniture and impressive showrooms.


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