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Print marketing covers a wide range of activities and materials, from door drop leaflets and direct mail pieces, to product brochures, catalogues and so much more. And with over 23 years’ experience across a huge array of market sectors, you can rely on Print Strategy Europe to supply your company with the print marketing strategies and marketing ideas it needs to succeed.

Is print marketing important in a digital age?

It’s true that all things digital have transformed the way products and services are promoted and sold, but traditional print has not suffered. In fact, it works fantastically alongside a digital marketing strategy and remains an integral part of the marketing mix. Many would say that because of digital marketing, print is having a heyday.

What are the advantages of print marketing?

There are many good reasons that print marketing remains hugely important, the first of which is that it is very personal. In an age where your customers are inundated with emails and digital promotions, a direct mail letter makes people feel differently. It’s tangible, it’s personalised and it has a physical presence.


Following on from that, print marketing is great at grabbing attention. The scope for creativity is huge, while the appeal of tactile piece of marketing just cannot be matched by anything digital. People simply prefer something printed.

As the role of digital marketing increases, so the amount of print marketing has decreased. This, given the points above, is an opportunity for your brand to stand out, by utilising print marketing ideas. If there’s less print marketing to compete with, it is so much easier to grab your customers’ attention.

Print marketing is also something that can last a long time. The lifespan of product catalogue or printed vouchers is likely to be a lot longer than a promotional email, for example. What’s more, there’s so much more scope for creative marketing ideas when it comes to innovative print marketing.

What sort of print marketing ideas can Print Strategy help with?

From traditional print concepts to luxury, custom print marketing and all the latest trends in print marketing, Print Strategy is here to help.

Direct Mail – in the right hands, direct mail can pack a real punch, using words, images and designs for maximum creativity and an array of eye catching finishes. Innovative mail packs are the perfect vehicle for targeting the ideal market precisely and cost effectively. Or if you’re after something with real wow factor, then we’ll let our imaginations run wild. We regularly push the boundaries of what’s possible in print for our customers.

Inserts – the insert has been having an upsurge in popularity over the last few years. We know exactly how to make them work to your advantage, with lasered foiling to make them stand out, personalised messages or codes to help drive online traffic. We can also help with specialist finishes, like intricate perforations, or multi page inserts when one page is just not enough.

Vouchers and subscriptions – we’re full of creative ideas when it comes to printed vouchers, elevating them to new heights for luxury brands, for example. We can also design the perfect membership pack, subscription boxes and more.

Leaflets and flyers – we print a wide range of leaflets and flyers for our customers in a variety of formats and innovative shapes and finishes. They’re perfect for marketing products in a creative, effective way, whatever the budget.

Brochures and catalogues – whether you need a single page or a mini book, catalogues are ideal for showcasing all of your products and services in one place. Brochures and catalogues remain key selling tools and we can help you harness their power.

With over 23 years’ experience, we have a wealth of expertise and experience, particularly when it comes to innovative print marketing and creative print marketing concepts.

Whatever your requirements, we can help add some oomph to your print marketing – contact the team today.

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