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Door Drop Marketing

Door drop marketing offers an economical and efficient way to get your message into your customers’ households. The term covers anything that arrives through your letterbox, including promotional leaflets and brochures, vouchers or coupons and even product samples. You have seen the result for yourself no doubt, as you flick through the morning mail.

It’s a particularly versatile form of marketing that can be used by small companies looking to reach a local audience, as well as large companies looking for national coverage. In the past, the door drop was seen as a scattergun approach, however, sophisticated targeting techniques these days allow for very precise selection of your audience, down to individual streets.

How effective is door drop marketing in practice?

The answer is that it’s a remarkably responsive form of marketing. According to research carried out by Royal Mail, 92% of respondents read door drop material delivered to their house and 59% visited a company’s website after receiving a door drop. What’s more, the Royal Mail’s research showed that 67% of people were prompted to make a purchase. And finally, Royal Mail says that 20% of respondents shared the material with other members of the household, further extending the reach of door drop material.

How does door drop marketing work?

Having designed and printed your promotional material (more on that later), it is delivered to your target households in one of three ways. Firstly, there’s Royal Mail which delivers door drops with the daily post. This represents a huge advantage over other delivery methods, because your material arrives with the mail, delivered by the usual postman, it can benefit from an enhanced status. Plus, as most households receive mail, this is the only distribution method that covers just about every property.

Secondly, you can use a free newspaper network. Areas with a free local newspaper will deliver door drop marketing materials either at the same time as the newspaper or in a separate delivery if you need to stand out. Thirdly, there are many companies specialising in door drop deliveries who offer a flexible service. However, one drawback is that you may find that your target area is not covered.


The versatility of door drops means that just about any type of promotional material can be used. Postcards and leaflets are the cheapest to produce, while multipage brochures and catalogues can carry much more information. Vouchers and coupons are also popular and door drop marketing also lends itself well to product sampling promotions.

Door drop marketing can be targeted to a single street or extended to every address in the UK, it is almost endlessly flexible. For this reason, it can be used effectively for a huge range of marketing activities – to advertise products or services; to drive traffic to websites or to bricks-and-mortar stores; to advertise sales, discounts and promotions; to drive product sampling; and to build brand awareness.

There are many advantages to using door drop marketing, the first of which must be its cost effectiveness. There’s no getting away from the fact that it’s cheap and effective way to get your message into the homes and the hands of your customers. Door drops can also be highly targeted these days, thanks to sophisticated software and the availability of numerous customer lifestyle databases. Using this form of distribution also gives you enormous creative freedom as there are virtually none of the constraints you’ll encounter with direct mail, press or TV marketing. Door drop marketing also works well alongside other elements of your marketing mix, for example with follow-up telesales or TV advertising as part of an integrated campaign.

Here at Print Strategy, we’ve been helping our customers deliver their messages into homes for over 23 years. With our expertise and experience we can help you design and deliver the perfect promotional piece to maximise impact and response rates, whatever your budget.

If you’re ready to make a big splash in door drop marketing, contact the team today.

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