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Direct Mail Postcard Printing

Direct mail postcard marketing remains one of the most effective means of reaching customers. Postcards are perhaps the simplest of all direct mail marketing pieces but they are incredibly effective. Their appeal lies in the fact that postcard printing is quick, easy and economical. They are also highly adaptable, coming in all sorts of shapes, sizes and finishes.

What makes postcards so effective?

The postcard’s main weapon is its simplicity, allowing you to get a strong message direct to your customer without your recipient even having to open an envelope. In this digital-obsessed world, many people prefer or even need to hold something tangible in their hands and the humble postcard fulfils that need.

Postcards are an ideal way to create a physical link between you and your customer, something that promotional emails and websites struggle to replicate. And with the dwindling attention spans that are a consequence of this digital era, postcards deliver the perfect length of message to catch the attention and hold it.

Versatility is also a huge advantage of postcard direct marketing. From product launches to store openings, sales and discounts to events, you can use a postcard to do it. They are equally at home driving foot traffic to stores or digital traffic to websites.

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Postcard printing is affordable for even the strictest of budgets, meaning they are accessible to all kinds of companies – from multi-nationals to sole traders. A simple postcard design is unlikely to blow anyone’s budget, while high quality paper stock and finishes also remain within the reach of most. And it’s not just the printing of postcards that is cost effective, postage rates too are usually lower than more complicated direct mail.

If you need to make an immediate impact, then a postcard is a great way to do it. By design, the message on a postcard needs to be succinct and the use of attention-grabbing colours and shapes also helps create immediate impact. At the same time, a beautifully designed and finished postcard can be used to enhance a brand’s luxury credentials.

Do postcards always have to be the same size? Absolutely not, the options are almost endless! Large, small, landscape or portrait and every shape, including intricate laser-cut masterpieces, if you can imagine it then the chances are we can bring it to life.


Why choose Print Strategy Europe for your postcard printing?

We’ve been helping our customers with their postcard marketing for over 23 years and we have the experience and expertise to help them perform. For example, try adding some stand-out finishes to make your design unforgettable. Foil or embossing help to make your message jump off the page. Metallic inks are perfect for making a call to action shine. Laser cutting gives us the ability to create a postcard in any shape to really grab your customers’ attention. While for offers and competitions, tear-off perforations and scratch card finishes are ideal.

With guidance and advice from our highly experienced print experts, we can help you make the most of your marketing budget and maximise your returns. So, if you’re ready to make a big impression with postcard marketing, contact the team today.

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