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Direct Mail Marketing for Luxury Brands

Direct mail marketing is a highly effective form of direct marketing that delivers printed materials direct to a company’s target market. Typically, it is used to sell products and services to existing customers or to recruit new ones. Print Strategy Europe has 20 years’ experience helping customers use direct mail marketing effectively, particularly luxury brands.

Direct mail comes in many different forms, ranging from sales letters, one-piece mailers and postcards, to multi-piece mail packs, catalogues, brochures and much more. The team at Print Strategy is full of direct mail marketing ideas to help inspire your next campaign, including:

Postcards – simple and cost efficient, the postcard is an incredibly effective tool and can be easily adapted to suit luxury brand marketing. Postcards can come in just about any size and shape and, crucially, they get your message across without your recipient even having to open an envelope. We are experts in luxury brand postcard marketing, just ask the team for team for ideas and samples.

Sales letters – the humble sales letter can be used to sell any product in any market sector, including luxury products. It’s all about the creative copy, the eye-catching design and the luxurious finish. We can help you create a highly successful letter that works for your luxury brand.

Envelope mailings – when you need more than a simple sales letters, a multi-piece pack could be the answer. We’re full of great ideas about what could be used to sell your luxury brand, from leaflets and product samples, to presentation boxes, catalogues and more.

Catalogues and brochures – given the right treatment, catalogues and brochures can be used extremely effectively in direct mail marketing for luxury brands. We have the experience and expertise to help you design and produce the perfect piece, whether you need two pages or two hundred.

Innovative mailings – we live and breathe all things print, keeping ourselves at the cutting edge of new print technology. That means we can continually push the boundaries of what’s possible, bringing a huge array of creative ideas to your next luxury direct mail campaign.




What makes luxury direct mail marketing stand out?

It’s all about the attention to detail, whether that is thinking deeply about the paper stock to be used, testing a range of inks to find exactly the right one, or adding luxury print finishes. We believe that luxury printing should not just look the part, it should also feel the part, which is why texture is important. Our luxury print finishes include:

Embossing – can be used to give any marketing piece instant added indulgence, so it’s ideal for luxury brands.

Foil – using foil is a great way to add eye-catching extravagance, from shiny metallic, to a whole range of colours with matt and gloss finishes.

Spot UV varnish – one of the most stylish effects available in print, varnishes create depth, visual contrasts and tactile textures.

Why choose Print Strategy Europe?

We have been helping luxury brands create stunning printed material with beautiful finishes for over 23 years. Which means we have gained a deep understanding of how direct mail marketing can work for luxury brands.

If you’re ready for a direct marketing campaign that says all the right things about your luxury brand, then contact our luxury print team today.

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