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Direct Mail Marketing

What is direct mail marketing?

The short answer is that it’s a highly effective form of direct marketing, whereby a company promotes its products or services through printed materials. As the name suggests, these promotional materials are delivered direct to the recipients. Direct mail can be used to market to both consumers and businesses, delivered by mail or by door drop marketing.

Direct mail marketing comes in many different guises, ranging from simple sales letters, postcards and one-piece mailers, to more elaborate multi-piece packs, innovative laser cut shapes, catalogues and so much more. The options are almost endless.

Direct mail as we know it started to appear in America in the 1700s in the form of seed catalogues delivered to peoples’ houses. It was a man called Montgomery Ward though who really launched the era of modern direct mail with his revolutionary one page catalogue. Inspired by that one page, a man called Sears soon launched his own, longer catalogue, the renowned Sears Catalogue. Together, they changed the way that shopping is done all over the world. The longevity of direct mail is down to the fact that it has always kept pace with the advancement of technology.

As a direct mail printing company, we can ensure your direct mail marketing effectiveness, helping you with concepts, direct marketing strategy, entire direct marketing campaigns and a full range of direct marketing services and products, including:

  • Postcards – perhaps the simplest and most cost effective of all direct mail marketing pieces, the humble postcard is incredibly effective. Its appeal lies in the fact that it is economical, it comes in just about any size and shape you need and crucially, it gets your message across without your recipient having to open an envelope. Discover more about direct mail postcard printing here.
  • Sales letters – if your sales pitch involves introducing your brand or you need to build a rapport, then a sales letter could be just the thing you need. The key to a successful sales letter lies in good writing, as well as an envelope design that invites your recipients to open it.
  • Envelope mailings – in some cases, the sales letter is just part of a multi-piece pack enclosed in an envelope. Your pack can include whatever you need to successfully deliver your message, which typically can be leaflets, brochures, catalogues, offer vouchers and an order form.
  • Catalogues – whether you need just one or two pages or quite a few, catalogues are the perfect vehicle for showcasing a wide range of products or services all in one place. The catalogue remains a key selling tool, with many companies using them to bolster their digital marketing.
  • One-Piece Mailer – invented right here by Print Strategy, the one-piece mailer is a highly effective and economical direct mail solution. No envelopes to stuff, no inserts to fall out, no stamps to lick, the one-piece mailer offers an extremely versatile format and folds over to become its own envelope.
  • Innovative mailings – with the advancement of print technology, Print Strategy has a huge array of creative ideas we can bring to your direct mail campaign. From eye-catching laser cut-outs, to stunning print finishes like foil and tactile textures. The options to grab your customers’ attention are almost endless.

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What are the advantages of using direct mail?

Many thought that direct mail would quietly wither away as digital marketing took over, however, the exact opposite has happened. Instead, traditional direct mail is having a heyday and there are some very good reasons for that:

  • It feels personal – in an age of impersonal online transactions, the physical presence of a letter, a postcard or a catalogue feels more personal than an offer received by email and makes your customers feel more valued.
  • It grabs attention – in an age of shrinking attention spans, it’s more important than ever to grab your customers’ attention quickly and direct mail is perfect for that. The opportunities for eye catching design are limitless and it’s much harder to dismiss a physical piece of marketing when compared to the ease of deleting an email or closing a web page.
  • It is proven to work – while digital marketing remains a work in progress, direct mail has a proven 200-year history of engaging with customers and selling products and services cost effectively.

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