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Print marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing and its longevity is down to the fact that it is still one the most effective forms of marketing around. Despite the rise of digital marketing, or perhaps because of its rise, marketing printing in all its forms is having a heyday – from catalogues, brochures and leaflets, to direct mail, postcards and point of sale materials.

What is print marketing?
Quite simply, it the promotion of a company’s goods or services using printed materials. What are these printed materials? The answer to this is one of the reasons why print marketing remains such an effective tool, because it encompasses a huge array of custom printed marketing materials that are almost infinitely adaptable depending on the product and the target market. The main types include:

  • Brochures – just about every company needs some form of literature to explain what it does or the product it sells and this, more often than not, is where a brochure comes in. From cheap and cheerful to super luxury, image filled or copy heavy, whatever your brand image, a brochure can reflect it.
  • Catalogues – before the advent of online stores, the catalogue was the home of distance selling. It’s telling that a huge number of companies, most with extremely effective online store, still find catalogues indispensable. Why? Catalogues offer your customers something tangible to hold and look at, many simply prefer to continue to buy from catalogues and catalogues have the ability to get in front of your customers in a way that websites never can, via the mail.
  • Leaflets – the humble leaflet is an invaluable marketing asset. It’s cheap to produce, especially in large numbers, and offers something tangible to hand out and for customers to take away with them. Whatever you need to say, a leaflet can always help you say it.
  • Direct Mail – perhaps the single most important area of print marketing is direct mail marketing. Its appeal lies in the fact that it can be targeted, allowing you as a business to get straight to existing or potential customers, bypassing those outside of your target market. This makes direct mail a highly cost-effective medium of print marketing. Direct mail pieces can be as simple or as elaborate as necessary, ranging from one piece mailers to multi piece packs. The team at Print Strategy has produced an incredible range of attention grabbing direct mail and can provide you with a choice of print marketing ideas to suit your brand, your product and your budget.
  • Postcards – in the digital age where your customers’ attention needs to be grabbed quickly, postcards have really come into their own. Why? Because they deliver your message without needing to be opened and they offer just the right amount of space. They are perfect for special offers and product launches, invitations and seasonal promotions.

Print marketing can be effectively applied to all areas of business. Whether you need to increase direct sales, launch a new product, open a new store, draw attention to a promotion, unveil a member-get-member referral scheme or drive traffic to online and offline stores, we have the print marketing ideas to help.


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