1. You won’t need consent for postal marketing, ICO (2018) – Providing that you have obtained the addresses fairly and you have a clear option to Opt out, you do not need to gain consent for a direct mailing. This is great news for your marketing as this means that you can carry on with your direct mail campaigns with only minor changes.


2. Mail is the recommended method to obtain consent – The Direct Mail Association (DMA) have recommended mail as the channel of choice for obtaining consent for marketing channels that are affected by the new GDPR and ePrivacy Regulations.


3. Mail can offer a higher response rate than other marketing channels – Mail has been shown to offer higher response rates than other marketing channels and here are just a few reasons why; Cost effective, Convenient, Adaptable to the situation, Targeted, Creative options, Memorable.
4. The power of ‘Door Drops’ – According to research carried out by Royal Mail, 92% of respondents read door drop material delivered to their house and 59% visited a company’s website after receiving a door drop. What’s more, the Royal Mail’s research showed that 67% of people were prompted to make a purchase. And finally, Royal Mail says that 20% of respondents shared the material with other members of the household, further extending the reach of door drop material.


5. The benefits of JICMAIL can now be realised – JIC’s new metrics will allow insights to be gained at the mail campaign planning stage to help improve efficiency and effectiveness of mailing campaigns. (Source; Royal Mail, 2018)
6. Mail targeting and data cleansing – Ensuring that the data you have is up to date and that the marketing campaigns that you run are efficiently targeted at the correct audience, can result in big savings to your marketing budget.
7. Print management is our speciality – At Print Strategy Europe we don’t just deliver high quality printing. With over 22 years expertise and experience, we can advise on every aspect of your campaign, from cutting your costs, to improving responses and ultimately maximising your returns.
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