Just why is direct mail experiencing such a resurgence?

Using purely online advertising to solicit online sales has been the success strategy for many  online retailers, but once an initial customer base has been built many retailers find their sales from new customers begin to plateau. This has often led retailers to trial offline advertising, taking the form of either a scattergun or targeted approach.
A scattergun approach is about reaching the masses in the hope of attracting one-time purchasers.  This may result in a sales spike for an individual campaign but without targeting a specific type of customer, it could result in lots of cost and effort trying and build loyalty with people who may not match the profile of your target customers.
The targeted approach, unlike scattergun is about communicating to an audience that is more likely to be interested in your offers. These customers would typically display the right behaviours and characteristics to make them a good fit with your business model and are more likely to repeat purchase.

Targeted Direct Mail

Direct mail campaigns that achieve their sales goals are well thought out, carefully crafted and expertly delivered.  To ensure the best chance of success, it’s worthwhile working alongside experts to both plan the mailing (including data modelling) and the end-to-end creative & delivery process.
Consider that all direct mail including catalogues, arrive inside the home.  A prospective customer will be 100% be exposed to your brand and with accurate targeting, strong message and good quality print, there is an estimated 70% chance that the catalogue or mail piece will be kept in the home and viewed during leisure time.


The Combined Effect of Direct Mail and Online Marketing

Direct mail with its unique ability to grab and hold the attention of a reader, is very effective as a stand-alone response vehicle.  Combine direct mail with digital marketing and you are not only communicating with a wider audience but you are able to maximise the impact of consistent messages across multiple channels.


“When we send catalogues, we see the combined power of offline and online, working together to raise overall performance”.

Alan Friggieri, Head of Customer Marketing, SPOKE

Epsilon Abacus is the premier data co-operative for multi-channel retailers with a rapidly growing portfolio of purely online retail businesses.  Abacus members are able to use the combined data of the co-operative to build highly targeted lists for their mailings, safe in the knowledge that the consumers they are mailing have consented to receiving targeted offers from other retailers.
Obi Ezekwo, Business Development Account Director, Epsilon Abacus
W  epsilonabacus.com | E  obi.ezekwo@epsilon.com |  T  020 8943 8018



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