On a monthly basis we will introduce one of our team members so you can get to know them better. First up is Ellie Milner, our Accounts Manager.
Ellie Milner – Accounts Manager

What’s the best bit about your job?

The best bit about my job is the variation, not only in accounts tasks but in general. Even though my main priorities lie within the accounting side of the business, doing tasks such as credit control, budgeting, reporting to senior members and general purchase and sales ledger work, I thoroughly enjoy picking up all the other odd jobs like fire safety, health & safety and even touching on some HR!


What’s your proudest work achievement?

My proudest work achievement is simply the fact I started here as an apprentice without any work experience or accounting knowledge, to now running the whole accounts side of the business and I am currently looking to employ a new apprentice to help me manage the work load.


Do you have any hidden talents?

I’ve recently discovered a couple of things that I like and I’m quite good at (if I do say so myself!) One thing is flatpack/DIY! Since moving house I have had to do it quite a lot and I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I did. Another is baking and my speciality is gooey chocolate brownies, which are quite a hit!


What are you most excited about for 2018?

I am most excited about seeing the recent non-accounts task I have been managing, finish! I have been organising a complete office refurb, to make it a nicer working environment and place for our visitors. Its been very different to my day to day job, but very exciting. I can’t wait for it to be complete!


Best PSE memory?

There’s too many to choose from! But I’d say the night we won “Customer Service of the year” award in 2016 is a pretty good memory as it was a really fun night with the team all round and winning the award is obviously a great achievement!

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