1. Do you colour match?
Yes we can colour match and in fact we can even do a specific pantone match, by computer scanning. This means that we can match colours precisely and have a consistency for all the colours when printing. We recently colour matched a unique pantone colour for a tea box for Whittard, who are one of our existing customers. Read more about the project here

2. What is the difference between digital and litho printing?
In summary, digital printing is a four colour process that uses PDF or other electronic files and creates images from dots of colours/toners. Conversely Litho printing uses wet ink and printing plates. Digital printing is more suitable for shorter runs and litho printing for longer runs.


3. Do you offer press passes?
We offer press passes to all our customers, it is then their decision to either come along or leave this up to our print experts. When printing larger jobs, press passes help us to make sure that everything is turning out perfectly and are a valuable insurance policy.
4. What type of products and services do you provide?
We offer a range of printing services, everything from direct mail, catalogues, leaflets, magazines to bespoke packaging including all sorts of print finishes. We also offer fulfilment and data services. Check out our product and services page for more info here


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