Anja Parkes, Head of customer experience

Why did you start working here?

I didn’t want to go to university and had no idea what else to do. Having been a keen Army Cadet back in the day I decided maybe joining the army would be a good path. I found out about a careers fair that was going on in Worcester where there would be an Army stand in attendance so decided to go and have a chat with them. After walking away from their stand, I went to talk to the apprenticeships representatives about their other opportunities and it really all went from there! They knew PSE were looking for an apprentice and decided to put me forward for it – 3 weeks later I had gone from full time student to full time apprentice!

Tell us about your PSE journey?

I started working as an administrator which included various tasks like filing and taking phone calls. I then also started to do a bit of accounting like processing invoices and remittances advices. I was then asked which direction I wanted to go, if I wanted to do more accounting or try something a bit more customer facing – I jumped at the chance to deal more with our customers as I love talking to people. That was where our ‘Customer Experience’ department was born, as it became apparent we had lots of customers that needed looking after day to day, but not enough people to do that as well as bring in new business. From there we have grown the department into a central hub of the business and have gone from strength to strength.

What’s the company culture like?

As we’re a small family run business there is a very relaxed, friendly culture about us, but we can also ramp things up to 110% if we need to!! We work extremely hard but have a great deal of fun too.
Currently we have 12 employees within the business
Friendly, professional and fun atmosphere

Why choose PSE?

  • The printing industry is very exciting, why? – the print industry is constantly changing! Technological advances ramp up year by year and its constantly keeping us on our toes. Even from when I first started 5 years ago, I have had to relearn so much just to keep myself and my customers up to date with the advances the print industry is making. Its very exciting times and no day is ever the same. You can guess my friends and family get sick of me talking about print!!
  • Plenty of opportunities for progression. From apprentice to Head of customer experience. After five years with the company I have developed both personally and professionally.
  • PSE has really pushed me to be the best possible person I can be both in my career and also in my personal life too. I was absolutely terrified starting my first full time position as a just 17-year-old fresh out of school, but PSE have never ever let my age hold me back and have supported me in my journey, every step of the way. Are you looking for a similar challenge? Do you have drive and want to carve out your own career? Then PSE could be a good match for you!